I never thought about dating anyone until I met him.  He caught my interest from the moment he introduced himself.  I was attracted to his personality, his adorable nerdy look, how he went out of his way to make me feel welcome, with his kindness and sincerity. Things with him took off and it all felt so new and exciting and full of butterflies.  But then, things got a bit…complicated.  Busy lives. Busy people.  So the less I heard from him, the more discouraged I became, and the more discouraged I became, the less I initiated communication. I just didn’t want to get my hopes up about this wonderful guy whom I was really into, just so he could reject me.  This situation is unlike any other because 1) This is my very first dating experience so I have no clue what I’m doing. No reference to what dating is "supposed" to be like. 2) This is his first dating experience as well. So here we are, two dating virgins. 3) Unlike most men, he's not a jerk. On the contrary, he is the sweetest, kindest, most caring, introverted nerd I’ve ever known.  He stimulates my mind and I find him so sexy and I want to get know him even more. 

But six months of dating and I can't help but wonder where THIS is going. I just don’t know how to bring it up.  I'll admit that I am scared. Scared about being vulnerable with my feelings only to be rejected. Ugh. Why does dating have to be so difficult? 


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